Coconut Fried Tilapia

June 26th, 2013 by r.daswani

As a quick snack, starters, or light meals, this fish dish in simply heaven.

Serves 4
1 kg Tilapia or Sole fillets
2 cups self-raising flour
1cup coconut flakes
1 cup coconut milk
½ cup ice cold water
1 tbsp ginger/garlic paste
1 tbsp cumin powder
1tsp salt
½ tsp crushed black pepper
Oil for frying
Lemon wedges

Wash fish fillets and pat dry with paper towels.

In a large bowl, combine flour, coconut flaxes, coconut milk, water, ginger/garlic paste, cumin, salt, and crushed black pepper. Chill batter in fridge for 20 minutes.

Heat oil in a frying pan, dip fillets in coconut batter, making sure to coat fish on both sides and fry in hot oil, until golden and crisp.