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As a traveler, visiting beaches, museums, temples, parks or other large tourist attractions is not enough to discover the beauty of our little paradise island. Cuisine plays an important role in understanding a country’s culture, and the very best way to learn is to make the food yourself!

There is no better way to learn about authentic Mauritian/Creole cuisine than taking lesson/s with your Chef Sandy.

Whether you’re a beginner cook or an expert chef, these fun and informative cooking courses will get you cooking exotic Mauritian/Creole dishes, a true explosion of sense and flavors allowing you to prepare these authentic Mauritian/Creole dishes in your own kitchen back home to impress your family and friends.

Using fresh local produce, herbs and spices, Chef Sandy will show you how to prepare a traditional Creole / Mauritian meal which include hot soups, tasty starters, great curries, rougailles, vindaye, salads, pickles, breads and rice dishes.

For those taking 2 or 3 days classes, menu changes daily based on the availability of fresh local produce, hence you will get to learn how to prepare even more dishes.

There is no worry about taking notes or having to memorize the steps. After the cooking session you will sit down to enjoy your meal with all drinks of your choice, with the Chef who will be happy to answers all your questions/queries.

Go home with the best souvenir of All.
A cook book publish by Chef Sandy with a personal dedicace.

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